You attract that which corresponds with your predominant vibration. So, if you want to attract a wonderful, fulfilling relationship, you have to first tune into its vibration, i.e., how exactly it would feel like to be in that relationship.

For example, you want to have a relationship in which you will feel a sense of strong love, appreciation, joy, bliss, comfort, admiration and desire for a person. You would like for that person to experience those feelings for you as well, or, to be more exact, to feel that the other person is experiencing those feelings, aimed at you. This is important to specify, because what we are working on is vibration – a feeling – not just an intellectual knowing of another person’s attitude towards you. To explain it clearer I want to break this particular vibration work into these two aspects – being in love and feeling loved.

Being in love. As with everything else, to begin vibrating at the frequency of being in love, imagine what it would feel like to experience that in reality. If you can recall that feeling from your life, that’s even better, if, of course, it was a positive experience. Be careful not to bring back any negative emotions that might be associated with any past relationships, if that’s where you are taking your vibration from. If you have never been in love, or loved, or your past experiences in this area weren’t that great (a marriage ended in a divorce, or you broke up with your loved one, or suffered abuse, or your relationship wasn’t satisfying in some way), it could be better to simply imagine something entirely new rather than bring anything into your vibration that might be tinged with negativity. You don’t want to bring anything you don’t desire into your new manifestation.

So, imagine, or remember the last time you were in love. What did that feel like? You can imagine a feeling of warmth that almost physically touches you when the loved one is around, when they look at you or talk to you, when you see them or touch them. Other related feelings would be: excitement, love, happiness, devotion, desire, longing, pure bliss, goosebumps, gratitude, triumph, intimacy, connection, joy, serenity, admiration, confidence, euphoria, inspiration, contentment, awe, or anything else you might associate with being in love. Focus on those feelings, feel them as if they are already present in your reality. Go through each of them (or two or more at a time), and feel every associated emotion and any potential physical feeling as well. Let them flow through your consciousness. Let them take over you. Feel them as realistically as you can. Enjoy this experience, because it will feel good, and it should. It is exactly this combination of feel-good feelings that you desire to bring with your new relationship, and the better, the more detailed and the more exciting it is in your imagination, the sooner it will manifest (provided you don’t have conflicting or limiting beliefs) and the better the experience will be.

Now, for a perfect relationship, you don’t just want to be in love. You also want those feelings reciprocated, or at least most people do. I feel that this aspect of this particular intention-manifestation is often omitted when people speak about creating relationships through Law of Attraction.

Being loved

Kind of an important part of future relationship, isn’t it? So what exactly does being loved feel like for you? Imagine it clearly in your mind, and feel it. How would the fact that your loved one loves you back be expressed in reality? Will you feel even more love, more content, more desire? Would you feel more excitement knowing they desire you just like you desire them? This is still pretty abstract, but what you need to do is to actually feel it the way it would feel in reality. Don’t just read this article and think of the concepts intellectually. This is not a job for your mind, the mind has nothing to do with it. It’s should all be in the area of your heart.

For example, I imagine this scenario as 2 streams of energy. Each stream is a composit experience of love that each person has for another. One is coming from me towards them, and the other – from them towards me. It’s really nice to experience my stream flow freely from me to them. It opens my heart and allows me to experience the pure, strong, powerful love for that other (real or imaginary) person. But I am also interested in their stream coming to me, and what particularly interests me is the point where those two streams meet. If you meditate deeply on this, you might get a similar experience. It feels like two warm rivers meet and merge into one. It’s like a touch of a warm wind on your face. You love them and you know – feel – their love towards you. You feel both loving and being loved at the same time.

It will feel really good to go through this exercise. You won’t want to stop. And that’s good news, because this should really become a part of your daily meditation if this type of loving relationship is something you desire. Just remember to incorporate both aspects – loving and being loved.  Don’t do just one.

A few things here to keep in mind.

*You may have someone in mind who you would want to experience this blissful love state with. Perhaps there’s someone particular in your life that you have feelings for and so naturally they are the person your thoughts and feelings gravitate towards.

Be wary of imagining them as you work on your vibration. You don’t want to imagine a particular person. It will be hard not to, and if you end up doing it, try to only use them to help you evoke the feelings at first, and then let them go and let your feelings not to be attached to them in particular. If you are attached to that particular person, it might feel good for a while, but the very next time you see that person and they still don’t show any interest in you, you will be disheartened, and disappointed. It will be harder for you to maintain the vibration you are working on to get a certain outcome, when the very opposite of that outcome is staring you indifferently in the face. Jim, or Jane, still aren’t in love with you. You are heartbroken.  You are sad. You decide to never read this blog again.

Don’t do it.

The thing is, you don’t know if it’s Jim or Jane you are after. You might be convinced that they are the ones. Jane is so beautiful and kind and likes the same music you do and wants to get a dog just like you do. Jim is ripped and the most handsome guy you’ve ever met and you think you have tons in common.

That might not be the case. You don’t know if Jim or Jane will really fit the energetic picture that you painting. Jim might be ripped and fun to hang with, but he might be a smoker, or afraid of commitment, or overly committed, or any other thing that might turn you off. Jane might be a psychopath. Or maybe she snores. Or maybe she really wants three children instead of a dog. Or any other one of the million things that could turn your imagined bliss sour, if your desire to be with her were really to come true.

In this process, you don’t want to hold the universe’s hand, you want to trust it. Your task is to tell it, in terms of vibration (which means, by evoking the particular feelings that you want to experience), what it is exactly that you want, and then let it work its magic, trusting that it will bring you the exact version of exactly the thing that you want. The general principle, with manifesting anything, not only love and relationships,  is to never get stuck on particular objects or people or events.

That doesn’t mean not imagining details when you are working on imagining your desired state. Do imagine details, but more in terms of feelings than particular manifestations. Don’t imagine Jim’s face. Imagine a person in front of you that you trust, that you love and desire, and that loves and desires you back, whether it’s Jim or John or anyone else. Most of all, imagine a feeling, or an array of feelings, that you will feel in this situation. You are after a feeling. What you want in the end is to feel happy, to feel good. Does it really matter if it’s John that makes you feel that, and not Jim? By focusing on a specific solution for your problem, or, let’s call it, spiritual task, you are limiting your options unnecessarily. Again, take care of your vibration and your consciousness create the best match to it.

*Make sure to look at your desired state from as many points of view as you can and incorporate all associated feelings and perspectives in your vibration. When you meet that person you are looking for, what will it feel like, as a whole? Don’t make a mistake of concentrating only on one or two aspects of it. If looks are important for you, you will probably default to imagining them smoking hot and that’s a great thing. But what other traits will they have? Or rather, what traits are you looking for? Don’t just imagine a hot girl. Imagine a hot girl that is smart and funny and caring and will be a great support for you. Or will go skiing with you. Or will like your cooking. Or will cook for you. Or whatever else is important for you. Try to create a full experience in your mind, not just a part of it.

Here is another example. You might be just out of a difficult relationship, and now all you want is a person you can trust. You go and meditate on that, thinking, please Universe, I just need a good stable guy, that’s all. Don’t do it. You don’t just want a good stable guy that will bore you to death and make you age prematurely because you don’t have any joy or excitement in this relationship. You might think you want it, but you don’t. Go full on. Imagine every aspect of an experience that you really want. Don’t settle for just a part of it. Don’t wing it. Don’t half-ass it. It’s the love of your life we are talking about.

*Remember that none of this should be intellectual. The only thing you need your mind for is to read this post and then to find a quiet place to meditate and imagine, in detail, the state of being that you want to experience in your reality. This is where the mind’s job is done. The rest of it is up to the feeling part of you. Don’t think of what it will look like. Feel what it will feel like. Speaking in terms of Law of Attraction (and Nikola Tesla), find the frequency of your desired state. Feel its vibration. Live it. If you do it long enough, it will become real.

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